Nature at it's top: All the green is exuberant, grows and blooms nearly out of its measures. There is a  languorous atmosphere between the trees and between the mountains when al the insects are in the air, languidly buzzing. This is enjoying at its best. A nice and warm sunny day with all the smells that belong to it and at the end af the day a thunderous storm that has, within 15 minutes, replaced the meanwhile oppressive heat by a nice and pure eveningbreeze. During the day there's much activity in the Harz; people seam to use every second of the nice summerweather to work, clean and relax, everything is allowed. In the evenings there's another  sort af activity; regularly you'll see a dear that passes in a jump or that stares at you as a frozen statue. Also the foxes are late on the gad. For real silence you'll have to wait till late in the evening.
Again the landclimate makes the temperatures in this season go up to about 30 degrees. This warmth is dryer than in the Netherlands and therefor nicer to be in. During the nights temeratures drop till about 10 to 14 degrees.
Summer is the season to discover the Harz by bike, mountainbike, by foot or maybe by coach.
But also a nice pint of beer at one of the in the meantime many terraces is highly recommended! 


Recommended: Watch this video!

Harz trains / HSB Summer 2011


Ontluikende knop


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