The season that can be described with only one word: Promise. Nature promises exuberancy, temperature promises a beautifull sommer, the colours do promise liveness. Life itself returns carefully ; little nascent  leaves, upcomming blades that give the land its green tinge, newborn animals. The birds chirp  loud and seem to shout "Come and enjoy!" The animals in the Harz show up again; there's food available! The people also come outside. They're busy to prepare their houses and gardens for the summer, everything has to be tidy!
It's the landclimate again that brings nice weather with often much sunshine along this season. Temperatures at night often are below zero whilst during the day they can climbe to even 20 degrees. 
Spring invites to experience the nascent nature; walking, biking, mountainbiking or e.g. flyfishing.
To combine with a nice coffee on a sunny terrace or with the first icecream of the year!


Advisable: View this video!

Expeditionen ins Tierreich - Der Harz: Frühling (HD)


Ontluikende knop


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