In the Luppbodemuehle dogs are welcome. There is place for a maximum of 2 dogs, your eventualy second dog in consultation.
Present In the apartment is a Bench, which is also suitable for a large dog.
There is a rest cushion and your dog has his own manger. For long walks there is a 'kit for the road' available.
Outside there is a large terrain, that for the main part is fenced. Your dog has the possibility to be unleashed. There is a small river to keep your dog cool in the summer. A special towel is available to dry your dog .
Walking with your dog starts at the our front door. While walking it is advisable to leash your dog, since there is many wildlife that is not allowed to be disturbed.

Luppbode in de zomer Velden op de heuvel Jurre in de sneeuw

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