Area and climate

The Harz is the most northern highland of Germany and is one of the most beautiful national parks in Germany. Approximately 70 km. south of Braunschweig the Harz beginns on the route of Enschede-Hannover-Braunschweig-Berlin. 4 Car hours, mostly highways,from the border with the Netherlands.
This makes it ideal for a short holiday, such as a weekend stay or a week in the countryside.

The Luppbodemühle lies at an altitude of 400m, the eastern Harz in the triangle of sites Bodetal, Selketal and the Harz National Park.
The East-Harz  is part of the Harz, the most northern mountainrange of central Germany.

The authentic mountain village and spa Allrode is located within walking distance. Allrode is a Harzvillage that was first mentioned in historical literature in 961 and is one of the oldest villages of the Harz.

The environment is perfect for all outdoor sports in any season. (See Activities)
There is a well signposted hiking network of totally 8000 km.
The Luppbodemühle lies directly on the Bode Selketalstieg, a restored old path that links two long distance paths, namely Harzer Hexenstieg and Selketal-Stieg.
There is enough variety possible with other interesting sights. Take a further look at this site.


We are also easily accessible by train and bus. You can attractively priced travel with the Deutsche Bahn to Thale and from here there is a good bus service to Allrode.  

The continental climate makes that summers are generally warmer and drier than in Great Britain and the winters make the Harz to the most snow secure ski area of ​​northern Germany.

The Luppbodemuehle is east of the highest mountain in the Harz Mountains: The Brocken (1140m). This makes that bad weather often remains hanging in front of this mountain, so that on our side it is somewhat drier and sunnier, but generally  in winter there is snow.
We believe that  historically our surroundings are more interesting than the western Harz, because the eastern Harz belonged to the former GDR. Influences from this time are still visible and tangible. There has been a considerable investment in the restoration of cities and villages, so the charm is well preserved.  Allrode and its countryside once belonged to a noble estate, used as a residential along with agricultural and hunting purposes. This rural character is well preserved here.  

In the past pine and birch forests  were planted in the Harz, wich were used for industrial purposes, for example to the stone quarries. The Harz National Park is committed actively to bring  the Harz back itsoriginal state. They buy the areas which are privately owned and give it back to nature.

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