Unesco-World heritage with half-timbered houses: 
Quedlinburg: 22 km.
Wernigerode: 35 km.
Goslar: 67 km.
Stolberg: 25 km. 

Barrages and reservoirs:
Rappbode-barrage: The biggest barrage in the Harz and this dam also is the highest in Germany
Die Eckertal--reservoir: There's a footpath with loving views around the reservoir. Categorie  „Light“.
Oker-reservoir: Walking, for example the barragefootpath: length 9 km.
no drinkingwater and therefore a watersportsarea for Bathing; Swimming; Diving and for cruising with unmotorized boats. 

Narrow gauge railways  of the Harz

The Rübeländer Tropfsteinhöhlen:  
Hermannshöhle, Baumannshöhle und Bielshöhle. 
Three dripstonecaves on a row.



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